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Today's Post:   Projectitus

Didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions this year. Not that there isn’t a lot of needed ones going begging. For example:

  • Refencing the orchard so the bear can’t get in and destroy an apple tree as it did last year. This one is critical since I’ve taken down much of the old fence and we may have a short window between workable weather and when buds emerge. The deer are probably watching with high hopes.

  • Finishing the library room/Linda’s office.

  • Finish what was going to be a sauna.

  • Getting the orchard ready for five new trees.

  • Finishing two greenhouse planters for a lime and orange.

  • Finish a major upgrade to the Wealth Plan program.

  • A host of smaller projects…

And that’s not to mention finding some time for writing and necessary house and yard work. Now I wish I hadn’t listed them. It’s all too obvious I’ve got projectitus (live with it, spellchecker), a disease common to people with overactive imaginations.

The couple of hours usually spent meditating in the 2:00-4:00 AM region are to blame. Ideas always seem so great then and unfortunately they don’t get flushed away by the couple of hours of sleep that follow. Shouldn’t be so critical – a lot of nagging issues get resolved then also. And truth to tell, I sadistically like to have a lot of possibilities on my plate. Are you thinking, “If there’s so damn much to do, why are you wasting time complaining about it on this post?”



A new story is now posted. Perhaps not really a story since there is no plot, just a theme.

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